Sanhita Sinharay

Principal Investigator (March 2021 -present)

Sanhita received her Bachelors and Masters in Chemistry from Jadavpur University and IIT Madras respectively. She received her Ph.D., from University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA, in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Post-PhD, she joined NIH, USA, as a post-doctoral fellow at the Clinical Center, Department of Radiology and Imaging sciences. Prior to joining IISc, she was a Junior faculty at MD Anderson Cancer Center, TX, USA,  in the department of Cancer Systems Imaging. [CV]

Ananya Sharma

Graduate Student (08/2021 - Present)

M.Tech, Biological Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar (2021)

Development and translation of photoacoustic imaging agents for improved diagnostics.


Pooja Patkulkar

Graduate Student (01/2021 - Present)

Integrated M.Sc., Biotechnology, University of Pune (2020)

Assessment of Magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI) methods to improve oncologic therapy outcomes.

Lishel Pinto

Research Trainee (10/2021 - Present)

Fourth-year Undergraduate, Ramaiah Institute of Technology,
Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology

Characterization of suitable dyes and nanoparticles that can be used for Photoacoustic Imaging.

Soumyashree Sahoo

UG Intern, IISc (01/2022-Present)

Fourth-Year Undergraduate, IISc Bangalore,
Chemistry Major with a Minor in Biology